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Stova Bambini Christening Suit SS21B18 Stova Bambini Christening Suit SS21B18
-16 %
Brand: STOVA_BAMBINI Model: SS21B18
One of the most characteristic Baptism color combinations, an elegant modern 6-piece baptism set in white and navy shades. It includes a cotton vest with a distinctive pattern and white pants (100% cotton). The shirt has distinctive special embroidery and is 100% cotton, combined with the same fabri..
185.00€ 219.00€
Stova Bambini Christening Suit SS21B1
-42 %
Brand: STOVA_BAMBINI Model: SS21B1
It's an amazing suit set with a tile waistcoat and distinctive mao collar paired with gray trousers adorned with fabric suspenders. The white shirt has a modern pattern and you complete it with his fabric bow tie and his own crab hat. The pochette in the vest pocket gives the stylistic differenc..
150.00€ 259.00€
Stova Bambini Christening Suit SS19B5
-31 %
Brand: STOVA_BAMBINI Model: SS19B5
Modern 6-piece christening set characterized by the subversive colors that have been combined. It includes a vest with a pocket in a navy blue shade and mixed (55% Cotton-45% Linen) pants in a shade of stonewashed red. The shirt has a biker print on a white base and is 100% cotton. Available with a ..
180.00€ 259.00€
Christening Suit By Stova Bambini SS19B1 Christening Suit By Stova Bambini SS19B1
-31 %
Brand: STOVA_BAMBINI Model: SS19B1
Elegant modern 6-piece Christening set, which includes a high-quality beige cotton jacket with a narrow waist, combined with a white shirt with geometric seahorses, the trendiest proposal of the summer with 100% cotton white trousers. Comes with handmade wooden bow tie by 27 Wooden Accessories combi..
180.00€ 259.00€
Christening Suit By Stova Bambini SS19B2
-19 %
Brand: STOVA_BAMBINI Model: SS19B2
Stylish modern 6-piece christening set, including navy slim fit jacket with lapel collar and beige trousers. The shirt has a printed pattern with subtle linear fishes and is 100% cotton. It is combined with a wooden handmade bow tie by 27 Wooden Accessories. Comes with a white hat and navy details a..
210.00€ 259.00€
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: MI.1104
Sneakers from the Babywalker company, which will complete your little one's christening ensemble, giving style to his appearance on this special day. Sneakers are a comfortable choice, especially for the warmer months of the year and are combined with any outfit, formal or casual, winning impres..
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: PRI.2049
Leather sneakers with a single barrette, with velcro fastening Brand: Babywalker..
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: BS3030
Christening sneakers made of synthetic leather, ideal for baptism and other special appearances. They have an anatomical bottom for comfort with every step...
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: BW4098
baptismal two-tone walking sneakers made of fabric and suede leather, with laces and anatomical sole for comfortable and stable steps!..
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: EXC-5222
Moccasins from the Babywalker company, which will complete your little one's christening ensemble, giving style to his appearance on this special day. Moccasins are a comfortable choice, both for the child's formal appearances and for the most everyday ones, giving a distinct style to every ..
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: BW4011
Cashmere moccasins with tufts, made of suede leather, ideal for christening and other formal or casual appearances...
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: BW4211
Two-tone laced Babywalker booties for boys, made of fabric and leather, ideal for christening and other special looks...
Brand: EVERKID SHOES Model: A2229
Walking boot tied in a combination of fabrics. Anatomic handmade leather shoe for your baby to adorn his little feet...
Brand: EVERKID SHOES Model: Κ2284E
Everkid K2284E Ballerina for walking off-white with chain is the impressive anatomical shoe for the first steps of the child. Leather, ankle closure with gold chain with pearl pendant that can also be worn on the hand. Also includes extra leather straps to replace the chain...
Brand: EVERKID SHOES Model: K2270E
Walking ballet flats in off-white leather, gold buckle closure decorated with pearls. Walking shoes...
Brand: BABY_WALKER Model: EXC.5772
Anatomical christening shoe of the Babywalker Exclusive company for a girl. Shampoo made of pearl leather, decorated with handmade chiffon flower and feathers, in white color...
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