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Baby cradles

Brand: CHICCO Model: 79620-40
Easier to breastfeed and monitor your baby, more comfortable to sleep, more beautiful to be together! Chicco Next to Me Air cradle: dream hand in hand! The cradle is better than the cradle during the first months of the baby's life. Its shape and compact design make the baby safer and happier,..
199.99€ 289.99€
Brand: CAMBRASS Model: 36401-1
The Cambrass wooden basket base is made from marine plywood for even greater durability. Complies with European regulations Subfamilia: 1710Dimensions: 86*46.5*48.5H..
Brand: CAMBRASS Model: 35034
This carrycot is suitable for the first months of the baby and thanks to its handles it is easy to transport.It has a multi-position hood, 5mm wooden frame, mattress, cover, pillow and ruffle fabric, which can be matched with the room decoration. The multi-position hood protects the baby from li..
156.00€ 208.00€
Brand: MAXI-COSI Model: BR74430
Thanks to Iora's five different height positions, you can adjust it to the height of your bed so that you always have your baby next to you Whether you want to feed, change a diaper, or even breastfeed in the middle of the night, you can store all the essentials in Iora's large storage bask..
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