Espa Elianiko

Baby car accessories

Brand: HAUCK Model: 618370
Thanks to this mirror, for the headrest of the back seat, in your car, you can always see it in your child if he is sitting in the back seat. The mirror can be mounted with safety and tight on any headrest since it has 4 straps and adjusts both horizontally and vertically just as you prefer. T..
Brand: HAUCK Model: 618042
Made of durable, waterproof material. It is easily attached to the seat. With 7 pockets to keep all the child's essential items close at hand. It protects the back of the seat from stains and any scratches from your little one's legs. Washable..
Brand: HAUCK Model: 618011
The Sit on me protective car cover is used before installing the child car seat. Protects the upholstery of the car seat and keeps the back of the seat clean. The sit on me car cover is waterproof and comes apart in 2 pieces giving you the choice of fitting it entirely or just the bottom or top surf..
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